Admissions Recruiting Packet

The USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism is dynamic and multidisciplinary in scope, offering students some of the most highly regarded communication and journalism programs in the country. In particular the School offers graduate students a range of programs that help students reach their highest potential and thrive in the School’s thought-provoking environment. The School asked IE to develop a print recruiting collateral suite that would ignite the passion and curiosity necessary within prospective graduate students to go back to school, foster risk taking, highlight the advantages of studying in Los Angeles and address how the School can help shape their desired future. The design direction for these pieces broke the mold of the standard non-distinct publications that prospective graduate students commonly encounter. The design direction features the use of an iconic “A”, active photography, and the use of unique colors corresponding to each particular graduate degree program. These elements form the foundation for a set of print pieces that command attention and inspire.

USC Annenberg Spread


USC Annenberg Spread


USC Annenberg Folder

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