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An upstart Alaskan coffee company needed a vision and brand. They came to IE Design + Communications with a blank bag of beans and a clean slate. They needed it all.

To help the company visualize the possibilities, mood boards were created first. The boards included inspiration drawn from colors, fabrics, patterns, interior and architectural elements, found objects, illustrations and photography. From here a direction of the identity was beginning to take shape—an eclectic, modern mix with a warm and witty personality. The name SteamDot was born from the company’s historic Anchorage Ship Creek location—home to the region’s steam locomotives that dotted the landscape for almost 100 years. We mixed Alaska’s iconic earth characteristics with today’s modern clarity to create a unique brand experience. Coffee collage photo illustrations and playful language was applied to a comprehensive program including, logo design, packaging, signage, retail environments, marketing and business collateral.

In its first year in the marketplace, SteamDot Alaska Coffee has expanded its reach beyond their initially anticipated wholesale market. SteamDot is proudly served in retail establishments such as Alaska’s City Diner restaurant and is the coffee of choice in all Alaska Air boardrooms.



SteamDot Packaging


SteamDot Interior


SteamDot Canisters


SteamDot Homepage

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